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The son of a hardworking Great Mason, Damiano DiMercurio, some may say was destined to follow his father's path in the building industry. Not only did Damiano follow the path that ran deep in his upbringing, he blazed a new, much larger path of his own. The drive to excel in the building industry became a bona fide family affair for the DiMercurio's when Damiano's mother, Maria, got her builders license in 1990. This achievement opened up the door for the family to build single family homes in Macomb County, MI. and Dilusso Building was born. In 1994 Damiano was a sophomore in high school and his involvement in Dilusso grew as did his confidence in his skills and the success of Dilusso. He worked hard and built quality, affordable single family homes all over Macomb County, Michigan. With his father Gaetano by his side and doing a fair share of the actual labor, a dozen years later the hard work paid off; the business grew into building numerous single family homes, retail & office buildings, and mixed use properties. Dilusso Building Companies' properties owned and developed include:

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Whether you buy or lease a property that is built by Dilusso Building Company our goal is to deliver a truly unique experience that exceeds your expectations at every level, every time.

As a Dilusso Building customer you deserve to be treated with the utmost attentive care and respect. And you will be. That's my personal promise.

Dilusso Building Company customers are our number one priority. Thank you for choosing us and welcome to the family.

Damiano DiMercurio